How to Teach a Dog to Beg: Important Measures to Take

Dogs are trainable as early as when they are eight weeks old. With most dog trainers starting sessions with puppies when they are between 8 weeks and 12 weeks.

Training your dog can help you and your dog be on the same page when hanging out together. A dog that knows how to take commands creates strong bonds and lasting memories with their pet parents.

Obedience can also save his life when he is in danger and he needs just one command to stay in his position and not move. So, training your dog to beg should be a fun time that will be rewarded with you feeling a sense of achievement.

Your Dog Needs to Be in Good Health

Please note that the beg command involves your dog doing lots of movements of his joints and posing in a kind of sitting position. As such, your dog will need to be in good health condition without arthritis or any joint problems.

If your dog has arthritis, they may find it difficult to be consistent in their movements because of pains. So, if your dog is very uncooperative, you may consider a vet check-up before proceeding.

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Get Treats and Toys

It is highly advisable to use positive reinforcement to teach the beg command. With positive reinforcement, you will need to get your dog's favorite treats and special toys that you can use to reward your dog. You can look for kibbles he has never tasted before so that it is indeed a special treat.

Teach Your Dog Basic Commands First

If you and your pooch are new to dog training, then you first need to teach the dog a few basic commands like “sit”, “leave it”, “stay”, “no” and then learn to teach him to take praise.

If you are teaching a puppy, then the puppy first has to learn to obey basic command words before he can master how to beg. You can say words like “good dog” when he does something pleasing and when he obeys your simple commands. And when you need him to stop doing something, you need to be firm with the “no” command.

Eventually, the dog will associate the words with certain actions and will be an obedient dog. You will want to teach your dog to know his name if the dog is a puppy as you continue to teach him to take simple commands.

How Long Will It Take For Your Dog to Master Begging?

The duration of time it will take for your dog to understand how to beg will depend on various factors. It will depend on whether they already know how to take on commands or not.

It will also depend on the breed of dog, their age, their personality and how they have been brought up. It is much easier to train a pup than a grown-up dog that has never been trained.

That said, your dog’s body will need to get used to the new sitting position and balancing and as such, give the exercise a period of not less than a month to get mastered.

How to Conduct the Teaching Sessions

For your dog sessions to be successful, you need to be patient with your dog. Don’t expect your dog to learn in one day, give your dog time.

It is highly advisable to use the “positive reinforcement” method in teaching your dog to beg. Which means that you will encourage your dog by rewarding any positive step he takes toward learning your commands.

Try to Have Short Sessions

The best way to train your dog is to start with short sessions. Then you can extend them progressively but should never exceed 15 minutes per session. So you can plan for sessions that initially will last for about ten minutes.

And if you are training pups, then their concentration span is low and therefore keep it short as long as only five minutes long initially.

In addition, apart from the mind, the exercise will involve your dog’s muscles. So, do not rush the dog, a few minutes in a day will give your dog’s body time to adjust to the new positions without putting unnecessary strain on their muscles.

Use the Same Command Words

You will need to be consistent by using the same word of commands. Do not change the command words at any time. The exercise will involve a lot of repetition, so you better be prepared.

Teaching Your Dog to Beg

This is a begging command that you are teaching your dog. Once your dog understands simple commands, then it is much easier to teach the dog how to obey the beg command. You are not teaching him to beg but to learn to obey the beg command.

It is a fun activity that you and your dog will enjoy. The trick involves exercises and as such, you can use it as part of your dog’s bonding time with you or his regular exercises. To master the trick your dog will need to sit down with his hind legs while his upper body part is upright. His front legs will need to be reaching out to you begging for the treat.

Support Your Dog Until He Masters Balancing

This is how to teach a dog to beg, first command him to sit down. Sitting down means his front legs are up while his hind legs are down. You can support him until he learns to balance himself while sitting down. Once he masters this command, praise him with words he will associate with good behavior like “good dog” or “good”. Ask your pooch to stay in the sitting position. Let him stay for one minute before releasing him.

Introduce the Beg Command

Repeat the same commands. Ask your dog to sit down, and stay, now take the training further. While your dog is in that position, take a treat and hold it near his nose, and say the word “beg” to your dog in your usual serious voice when giving commands.

The dog will not understand what is required of them at first, so you better be patient. The dog will most likely jump at the treat.

If the dog reaches out for the treat or tries to jump to get it, say “no”. At this point, do not give the treat to your dog. Ask your dog to sit down and stay. Repeat the process again and if your dog tries to reach for the treat say the words “no.”

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Keep Repeating the Process Using the Same Commands

Once your dog masters balancing without jumping to get the treat, say the words “good dog” and reward him with the treat. Most dogs will have understood what is required of them, and now can entertain you and your friends with their newly acquired begging trick.


Teaching your dog to beg will be a big achievement for you and him. However, it is not worth it, teaching your dog just one command when they have a capacity to do so many other commands. So, while you are training your dog to learn how to beg, consider teaching him how to take other commands too and have a ball while you are at it.

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