How to Stop Neighbor’s Dog from Barking: Some Tips For You

A barking dog disrupts your peace and that of your family members. The noise may keep you, your school going children or baby awake the whole night. The result is interrupted sleep which may affect your work and your kid’s schooling the following day.

Factors that Might Be Causing Your Neighbor’s Dog to Bark

The dog could be barking for genuine reasons like neglect or disturbing health conditions like fleas on their skin or arthritis. On the other hand, it could be that your neighbor has a breed of dog that barks excessively like terriers.

Or maybe the dog barks due to separation anxiety when your neighbor is away at work and they have no idea that their dog is barking excessively.

The Dog Might Be Neglected

The barking of dogs can be triggered due to emotional or physical needs being unmet. The dog might be hungry, thirsty, and lonely among other factors. If the dog is barking due to being neglected, and they lack food and water, then it is quite heartbreaking, to say the least.

It is good to give your neighbor a benefit of doubt. Maybe they got a life-threatening situation or got family issues, depression, it can be anything. Whatever the cause, he dog needs intervention which may mean finding more responsible pet parents for the dog.

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Take Action Only When it Gets Excessive

If your neighbor’s dog has been barking excessively for an extended period exceeding three months, then it is time to take action. The only sure way to find out what is happening is to approach the neighbor.

Three months is enough time for most dogs to get used to changed routines. Changed routines can be like new pets in their home or neighborhood, a new diet or new neighbors in the neighborhood.

Approach the Neighbor

Because the dog is not yours, there is so much you can do to identify the triggers to the barking issue. If you are friends with your neighbor, then you can approach your neighbor and air your concerns. Maybe your neighbor is as irritated as you are and has put measures in place to stop the problem to no avail.

Your neighbor could be at their wit’s end due to having tried several therapies which didn’t stop the dog from barking. You can approach your neighbor with the intention of identifying the root cause of the problem. So, go ahead and check if your neighbor is home. If you don’t find them, keep checking before deciding to write a note.

Write a Note to Your Neighbor

If you are not in relating terms with your neighbor, or your attempts to meet them physically have failed, then simply write a short note to them. Please be as polite as possible. Let them know that you have been to their house several times and you didn’t find them.

In your note, explain how the dog barking is interfering with your family’s sleep patterns and affecting your day’s work. Offer to help your neighbor to deal with the issue amicably by stating that in your note.

Kindly ask your neighbor for a short meeting to discuss the issue further. You can request them to call you on your mobile phone.

Issues to Discuss with Your Neighbor

If you get to meet your neighbor, first find out if they are aware of their dog’s barking, don’t make assumptions and don’t lose your temper. Then you can point out what triggers a dog to bark excessively and what your neighbor can do to stop it.

Secondly, suggest to your neighbor to take a dog training class online or through a local expert in your area. That will go along way in dealing with the root cause of the barking. It could be anything triggering the barking. Also, ask your neighbor to consider dog collars which can stop the barking immediately.

The Dog Should Be Taken to a Veterinarian

Suggest to your neighbor to take the dog for a physical check-up at the veterinarian’s place immediately. The veterinarian will find out if the dog has developed any health conditions and will treat the dog accordingly. Maybe the dog is too hot because of poor grooming routines. The veterinarian will take care of that.

Make Friends with the Dog

If you’ve been wondering how to stop neighbor’s dog from barking, it could be that the dog is barking whenever you get back home. If you manage to have a good rapport with your neighbor, then you can request your neighbor to let you befriend their dog.

The dog should get familiar with your scent and accommodate it. You could place your shoes, clothes or other items along the fence. This will stop the dog from barking when you come home.

Get a Whistle or Barking Controller

You can use a dog whistle to try and stop the dog when barking. However, a dog whistle can be too much of a hustle, because it is not remote-controlled or automatic. Alternatively, you can use barking controllers or other devices that dog experts use to train dogs. The devices will automatically emit a sound when the dog starts barking. You can hang them on the walls separating your two homes or on a tree in the backyard.

Dealing with an Uncooperative Neighbor

There are various ways you can deal with a neighbor who is not co-operating. Firstly, after alerting your neighbor about the barking situation, give your neighbor time to put the situation under control.

Two weeks is sufficient time, whether you have a positive response, negative response or no response at all from them. If the barking continues, now issue your neighbor with a warning of reporting the case to the authorities through a printed copy. Keep a copy of the same, in case you will need it if the matter goes to court.

Filing a Formal Complaint with the Authorities

Check your state laws and find out the position on barking dogs. Find out what your state defines as excessive noise. Follow the right procedure. Most likely your neighbor will receive a warning or a visit from the police if there is a possibility of a neglected the dog.

Some cities may send an animal control officer to come and listen to the barking dog at night. If you provide proof of the noise, they may be summoned to court on the same. While some states will issue out a warning to the dog owner immediately. On the other hand, some states may issue a fine to the dog owner.

Write a Complaint to the Higher Authorities

However, you may not get help in some states concerning barking dogs. If your state officers are unresponsive, then you may have to take to the matter to the mayor’s office.

Print a letter of complaint. State all the measures you have taken in the past with your neighbor. You could ask other neighbors who are affected by the barking to sign the letter.


It may not be possible to stop your neighbor’s dog from barking immediately. Therefore, prepare your mind, and tackle the issue in as friendly a manner as possible and patiently.

Remember it is important to be in good relating terms with your neighbor, so don’t lose your cool. If however, everything you try fails, you may have to move to a quieter neighborhood.

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