How to Stop Dog From Scratching Door

Dogs are not necessarily naughty creatures. They won't scratch your door without a particular reason. That being said, this isn't an issue you can afford to ignore. If left to their own devices, dogs can absolutely destroy your door, not to mention any of the furniture in the vicinity.

So you don't have a choice. You must tackle this bad habit head-on before it becomes something worse. If the scratching has always been a part of your dog's personality, you probably have a much bigger problem on your hands. But if the scratching is new, you are encouraged to find the source.

Do not approach the scratching as an isolated incident. Rather, perceive it as a form of communication from your dog. This will position you to better resolve it.

Which Tools Do You Need?

The tools you require to solve your dog's scratching problem are going to vary drastically depending on which one of these solutions you use:

1) Protection

Some people prefer to protect their doors rather than tackling the reasons behind the dog's actions. In such cases, you are going to require some sort of screen or plate that will keep your door safe despite all the scratching coming from your dog.

2) Repulsion

Other people will work to keep their dog away from the door altogether. In such cases, you must procure technology that can repel dogs. The tools you choose to use will depend on the type of dog in question, your access, and your budget. Electric mats are gaining popularity in some circles.

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3) Training

Rather than protecting your door or keeping the dog away, you have the option of simply getting to the root of the animal's habit and ultimately giving it the training required to stop the scratching. This might be the cheapest option on the table.

But if your dog is plagued by serious anxiety issues, it could also be the most expensive. On the other hand, training is a convenient solution because you can simply leave your dog to a trainer and then wait for the professional to deliver results.

How to stop dog from scratching door

Your dog's scratching isn't just a problem for your door. It can also become an irritant for you and the people who share your home. If you are determined to kill this habit, consider putting the following solutions into action:

1) Reason

This should be the starting point. Find out why your dog is scratching. If he needs to go out, either take him out or instill a new schedule into him. If he wants to come into your bedroom at night, you can either change your sleeping habits or train him to sleep away from you.

Find out what the dog wants and either give it to him or train his desire away.

2) Bell

There are situations where a dog simply refuses to be trained into behaving the way you want. In other words, it always wants to go out at the most inconvenient times and it has decided to sleep in your bedroom regardless of your wishes.

Sometimes, scratching happens because of some spontaneous desire such as the presence of some new attraction outside. If you are willing to tolerate your dog's wishes, install a doorbell he can reach.

Train your dog to ring the doorbell whenever he wishes to either leave or enter. This will keep your door safe.

3) Door

If you trust your pet to police its movements, add a pet door. This will allow the animal to come and go as it pleases. Of course, you have to consider the danger of your dog running away or the risk of other animals invading your home through that same door.

Count the cost before you build your dog a door.

4) Repulsion

This was touched upon above. Consider adding some sort of barrier that will keep your dog away from the door. The electric mat that was mentioned is just that, an electric mat. When a dog paw touches it, the mat unleashes a static charge that warns the dog to back off.

Electric mats do not simply keep the dog away from the Door. They also train it to avoid the door altogether.

5) Routine

Dogs normally scratch doors because they want to enter or leave a room. Find out what keeps drawing your dog into or out of a room and deal with it. Change the animal's routine. Train it to do what it desires at a time that is convenient for you.

Some Short Tips and Tricks

  • Talk to a professional about preventing the scratching before it even starts.
  • Some dogs scratch at doors because they want attention. In such cases, ignoring them is the best solution.
  • Tell your dog 'No' whenever the scratching starts. Do so firmly, and then provide a reward if it complies.
  • If your dog scratches because it hates being away from you, leave some music playing before you depart. The dog won't feel as isolated.

Things To Consider

  • If your dog just wants to go outside, you are better off letting it leave in some cases rather than taking firm steps to keep it inside and away from the door.
  • Do not ignore your dog's scratching. Sometimes the scratching happens because the dog has detected danger or the presence of a person on the other side of the door.
  • Boredom can cause scratching. Rather than buying an electric mat, it might be easier to entertain the canine.
  • When you take steps to protect your door from the scratching, do not use any material that might harm the dog's paws.

Final Words

You need to address your dog's habit of scratching your door at your earliest possible convenience. But you are discouraged from overreacting. Yes, scratching might be a sign of some deep-seated anxiety. But it could also mean that your dog is restless.

Make sure that the steps you take are appropriate for the signs your dog has presented.

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