How to Make Dog Crate Covers – The Dos and Don’ts

As a dog parent, your responsibility entails protecting your pooch and ensuring that they are well fed all the time.

As such, when it comes to dog crate covers, all you need to know is that they add an entire dimension of comfort to your dog’s den.

It is important to have a crate cover especially if your pooch is the anxious type, as it will help them feel secure and happy in their den.

Now, dog crate covers come in different materials to suit your budget and other factors such as weather conditions.

In this article, we are going to look at a few ways you can make your own dog crate cover.

Fabric Dog Cover

If you are enthusiastic about DIY projects, you might want to consider a fabric dog cover that will meet all your dog’s comfort needs.

So, what goes into making a fabric dog cover? You will need a fabric of your choice, needles, and a pair of scissors.

When it comes to fabric though, you want to get a material that is waterproof to protect your pooch from getting wet especially if you place your crate outdoors.

How to do it

(1)Measure your dog crate and cut your fabric accordingly. Ensure that you leave a seam allowance for sewing.

(2)Take your needle, thread it, and sew the cut fabric pieces from the inside out.

(3)If you want to, you can include a zipper to close and open the cover as you wish. However, if you choose to do this, ensure that the material used is breathable.

(4)You can include several windows, and pockets depending on how much material you have, and if you want to.

That is pretty much it for the fabric dog cover!

Wooden Dog Cover

This is for those who are handy with tools. For this kind of dog cover, you will require a few nails, a drill, and a hammer.

You want to first get the dimensions of your dog crate and have pieces of wood cut accordingly. If you have the tools to cut the wood, you can do it yourself, but if not, you can have it done at your nearest carpentry shop at a small price.

Once you have your pieces of wood, it is time to get busy with your drill, hammer, and nails. The end result should be something that mimics the shape of your dog crate and easy to open and close.

And that is it for your wooden dog crate.

How to Pick a Dog Crate Cover

There are several factors to consider as you plan to make your dog crate cover. For instance, you want to determine if the dog crate will be staying outside or if you want your dog crate cover to match the rest of the décor in your space if it will be staying inside.

Here are more factors to consider.

Crate Size

You cannot just make a dog crate cover if you do not have the measurements of the crate itself. You do not want a cover that is too small or too big.

If you already have a crate, get its dimensions first before making the cover. If the crate is still at the store, write down its measurements and use them to make your cover before buying the crate.

Cover Material

You can make your dog cover using your material of choice. However, you need to first determine where you will be keeping your dog crate and what qualities you want the cover to have.

Will the material you choose have an effect on your family members in terms of allergies? Do you want the material to be washable r simply wipe able? Are you more interested in the aesthetic of your home? All these are questions you need to ask yourself as you pick the cover material.

Your Dog’s Character

Is your pooch anxious or shy? You might want to consider getting them a soundproof cover, which will take a little more effort and cost you a little bit more but it, will worth the effort if your dog is comfortable in the end.

After all, your dog’s crate is supposed to be a haven of comfort and the cover just completes the picture.

Your Budget

We understand that you love your pooch and would want to give them the best of everything. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should break the bank trying to get them a luxurious cover.

As long as the cover keeps them protected and gives them the privacy they need, it is good. You can certainly come up with a good cover on a budget.

Why you should make a Dog Crate Cover

Your bedroom is your unwinding place, somewhere where you get to relax after a hectic day. Well, a crate serves the same purpose for your pooch.

Covered in the security of their den, you dog can catch a nap, or simply sit peacefully and watch as the world goes by.

Simply put, a dog crate is your dog’s private space that is exclusive to them and with a cover, they feel even more secure.

Dogs have been den creatures since time immemorial. Even dogs that live in the wild tend to look for confined spaces to sleep or hide away from the elements and predators.

Nowadays, dogs will still look for this sense of security by finding enclosed small spaces in our premises. A crate satisfies this need and even better, when it has a cover.

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Final Thoughts

As you can clearly see, crate covers satisfy a number of your dog’s needs. You can make yours in whatever size, and material to fit your environment and budget.

While it is economical to just throw a blanket over your dog’s crate, we recommend making one on your own and we guarantee that your pooch will feel the affection from your end.

In the end, the decision lies on you to provide a private and quiet place for your dog and we hope you make the right one.

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