How to Train Your Dog Not To Bark: Detailed Guide

Barking is your dog’s natural communication language since they cannot speak words. Expecting your dog not to bark is not being realistic because most dogs bark for a short time and for a certain reason. Dogs express their joys, sorrows, and also alert you through barking.

Before we even talk about how to train your dog not to bark, it’s important to understand what causes a dog to bark in the first place. The reasons why dogs bark can be categorized into three, first to express a physical or emotional need.

Secondly, it can be due to a change in their regular life since the dog was a puppy. Thirdly, it could be due to his genetics, some breeds of dogs bark more excessively than others.

Factors That Trigger Dogs to Bark

What are some of the reasons for dog barking unnecessarily? Here are some of them discussed for you.

Alarm or Danger in the Neighborhood

Dogs are territorial, they bark because of persons, cars, or other animals coming into their territory. By barking, they scare the intruder. If your dog is protecting their territory, they will most likely bark very aggressively when there is what they consider the danger in their environment.

This kind of barking should not be stopped, usually, the barking will stop when the dog feels their territory is safe and that is when the threat is removed.

This happens mostly at night when the neighborhood is quiet. They will also bark when you are out with them and they encounter other dogs or pets. Some dogs get startled by noises they are not used to like alarms, sirens, and storms.

Usually, such barking is not a cause for alarm because it will stop as soon as the dog feels safe again.

Physical and Emotional Needs

Your dog can be barking because of feeling too hot or too cold. Your furry friend could also be barking because of feeling hungry or thirsty. On the other hand, maybe your canine friend is being disturbed by flies or fleas on a part of their body like the eyes or skin.

As such, before trying to stop your dog from barking, first ensure that their physical environment is comfortable and their coats and skin are free from fleas.

Also, some dogs will bark when excited and happy, which is usually accompanied by their tails wagging. This is especially when being reconciled to members of their pet family.

Health Conditions

Your dog could be barking because of a health condition especially if the dog never used to bark excessively. Therefore, take him to see a veterinarian. Your dog needs a proper physical body checkup to rule out health conditions like fleas on his skin. Maybe he is aging and he is in pain due to suffering from arthritis or oral ailments.

Change of His Regular Routine

What changes have taken place in your dog’s life of late? Did you recently lose one of the dog’s companions like losing an old dog to old age? Are there new pets in the home that the dog is yet to get used to?

Secondly, if your dog is new to your family, maybe he misses his old family. Another thing, if your dog is newly adopted, you need to establish if you have made any major changes to the routine he was used to in his former family. Your furry friend could be used to being in a multi-pet family and now he has to deal with loneliness the whole day or vice versa.

Note That

Worth noting, some dogs are dealing with issues like separation anxiety. Such dogs will bark excessively when alone. This can be disturbing to yourself and your neighbors. Maybe your kids have gone back to school after an extended holiday at home and the dog was used to company the entire day. The dog could be barking due to boredom or loneliness.

Another reason for your dog’s barking excessively may be due to a change in their exercising routine. Dogs like us humans get used to a certain routine, for example, play and exercising, treats, bonding time, regular walks among others. While some dogs are compulsive barkers, barking for no justified reason at all.

Some Breeds of Dogs Bark Excessively

Some dog breeds will bark more than other breeds. For example, terriers and beagles bark more excessively in comparison to other dog breeds.

How to Train Your Dog Not To Bark Excessively

It will take some time to train your dog. So, first, ensure that the dog’s physical and emotional needs are met. If it is a health condition like arthritis, then the dog needs medication to manage his condition.

Establish a Bonding Time Routine with Your Dog

Dogs are social animals. He may be missing your company or the company of other dogs. However busy you may be, establish a routine that ensures that you get to bond with your dog on a day to day basis.

You can buy toys that can encourage your dog to play alone and also play bonding games with you. Stock up with balls, bones and chew toys that can keep the dog occupied for hours on end. If your dog has been in a multi-pet family, give your dog time to get used to being alone or get the dog another pet.

If on the other hand, your dog is dealing with coping with other pets, get your veterinarian to recommend sprays or ways of your dog coping with other pets in his space.

Regular Mental and Physical Exercises for the Dog

Ensure that your dog gets involved in activities that use up most of his energy. He can chase you while you are cycling, play tug of war games, fetch games, swimming games among other activities with him. Buy treat dispensers that take your dog time to access the treats, keeping him occupied for hours on end.

Join a Dog-Training Class

Your dog will need to learn how to take commands. A dog training class will help you understand how dogs are conditioned. Then you will learn how to reinforce good behavior and discourage behaviors that are disturbing to your family and your neighborhood.

You can take dog lessons online or get trained by a dog specialist. Your dog needs to obey your commands like “quiet” or “silent”.

What to Do When Your Dog Barks Excessively

To deal with your dog’s barking, you need to be calm because frustration won’t stop the dog from barking, it will most likely worsen it. You should not shout at the dog also because two wrongs don’t make a right. So, if you are feeling too frustrated, you can go for a walk or ask someone to take the dog out for a walk as you calm down.

After you have calmed down is when you can deal with your barking dog and note that should you lose your temper, you should immediately take a break.

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Barking Collars

The last resort when everything else fails is to buy a barking collar. There are different types of collars in the market. Some work using a shock mechanism while some of the collars are remote activated.


Barking is second to nature with dogs. Also, you should not wait for your dog to have issues before teaching him how to take your commands. As a pet family, your dog should be taught from the time he is a puppy on how to obey commands. A well-trained dog is a dog that understands commands and will do what you are commanding him to do.

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