How to Get your Dog to Mount You Safely: Different Tips

If you own a dog and you have not yet experienced this, just know that this is one of the strangest and perhaps disgusting things your pooch will try to do.

Those who have experienced this say it is weird and the motions can be quite disturbing. The last thing you want is to be out with your dog and they attempt to begin an intimate session with your thigh.

When such things happen, you will most likely try to find a place to hide because there is no possible explanation as to why your pooch has a sudden overflow of uncontrollable passion.

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Well, it may surprise you to know that there are actually a number of ways you can get your pooch to mount you.

Facilitate Displacement Behavior

It is good to learn about the displacement behavior of your dog and this goes for any animal that you keep in your home.

Just as it is common for humans to be sexually aroused, so is it for dogs. Displacement behavior refers to habits that are out of context. This means that an animal behaves contrary to what evolution dictates.

For instance, chicken digging the ground because they cannot decide whether to flee or fight is a displacement behavior.

You can get your dog to hump you by putting it in a conflict situation where it will be difficult to find a solution. Once you do that, they will be aroused and have no other option.

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Do not castrate

Dogs have a hormone known as Androgen in their ovaries, testes, and glands. The hormone is common in male dogs but it can also be found in female dogs albeit in low counts.

Most dog owners castrate their dogs to reduce the amount of Androgens in their system and you can tell whether your pooch has too much of this hormone by looking at the skin and hair around its rump and tail.

Since you want your dog to mount you, the best thing to do would be not to castrate it. This way, their sex drive will be off the roof and you will get what you want.

Avoid Sterilizing

Sexual drive comes naturally for most animals and your dog is not an exception. Expect to see them masturbating, mounting, and humping in broad daylight.

Sterilized dogs have reduced sexual drive so you will not see them humping as frequently as other dogs. If you want your dog to hump you, well you need to not sterilize them to see the level of their excitement literally!

Allow them to Play

As humans, we do not hump our friends or anyone we meet whenever we feel like it. However, for dogs, this comes naturally and actually; humping is part of how they play.

When your pooch humps as a way of having fun, they get aroused but usually do not ejaculate. If you realize that your dog excessively humps on other dogs during play, it is probably because their socializing skills are poor.

This means that they get overexcited when you play with them so go ahead and get playful with your pooch, they will surely mount you at some point.

Allow them to Dominate

Just like male humans, male dogs also get aroused and mount just to show that they are boss. As they hump other dogs, they are trying to convey the message that they have all the power and other dogs should follow their lead.

Do not try to prevent your pooch from displaying this kind of behavior and you can expect them to mount you pretty soon.

Encourage the Habit

Most dog owners would try to discourage their dogs from humping especially if they do it often. However, that should not be you because what you are after is a mounting session.

Encourage your dog to do it and it will come naturally for them to mount you.

How to Arouse your Dog 

For most animals, sexual stimulation occurs in the sensitive areas around their genitals. For your pooch, you can use your hands or another object to stimulate their sexual organ.

Begin by gently stroking your dog’s genitals and be careful not to startle them because they may find it irritating. You may want to secure them by firmly holding their legs in place. Once they get the hang of it, they will begin to enjoy.

After several strokes, you will notice your dog getting hard but do not stop at that. Continue with the stroking until your dog begins to make jerking movements. Increase your stroking speed until your pooch ejaculates.

Remember that…

Stimulating the dog on your own is unnatural and it will hurt if your dog is not consenting. The consequence of that is that your dog’s genitals will suffer and they will get distressed.

From then on, you are likely to have a bad relationship with your pooch. As such, you should only consider doing this if it is beneficial for your pooch.

Seek professional help if you are unsure.

When Is Your Pooch Ready for This?

You have your own reasons for wanting your dog to mount you. However, there are some things you need to take into account for the good of your dog.

For instance, it is not advisable for a dog to begin humping in the early stages of their life. You may find puppy humping cute and picture-worthy but have you considered what will happen when they grow older?

You can go ahead and encourage the habit if you want your dog to mount you anywhere, anytime but if it is a one-time thing, it is good to arrest the habit once you have achieved your goal.

Final Thoughts

You may want your dog to mount you for various reasons but that does not make it natural. As such, we encourage you to consult with an expert before embarking on this journey.

The last thing you want is to hurt your dog’s genitals, or put them at risk health wise. Moreover, you could easily jeopardize your relationship with your pooch.


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