How to Get Dog Pee out of Mattress: The Dos and the Don’ts

If your dog is deeply pressed and accidentally pees on your mattress, you need to act fast. This goes a long way in removing the stain and the bad odor. Of course, a mattress with a dog stink makes the whole house a living nightmare.

Since some mattresses are replaceable if damaged, no company will be willing to substitute a stained mattress.

Additionally, the pee stink makes your pet friend use the same spot again for relieving itself. Therefore, it is necessary that you clean the affected area and remove the odor completely to avoid such instances.

Items to use

There’s no need for purchasing the expensive cleaning agents to get dog urine out of your mattress. Instead, use the below readily available items and you will be amazed by the results!

Furthermore, these items are all-natural and won’t pose any danger to your dog.

Although using commercial products to remove dog pee from a mattress is fast and saves on time, the major downside is that those bleaches and spray smell almost like dog urine. This draws back the dog to the same place as mentioned earlier.

Here are some of the items;

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda (Deodorizer)
  • Paper towels or soft cotton towels
  • Hand gloves (optional)

Step by step guidance on how to get dog pee out of mattress

The dog urine stains should be removed as soon as possible to prevent them from settling in or spreading further. For a cleaner mattress free from dog pee, use the following steps;

1. Absorb the moisture

To start off, put the hand gloves on, though not a must if you don’t have.

Take a few paper towels or small fabric towels and blot out all the liquid. If the towels get wet, get some others and continue dabbing until when most of the moisture has been absorbed.

Point to note, don’t rub the affected spot with the towels to avoid spreading the pee further.

This step is done if the dog pee is still fresh, but in case the urine has dried up, just skip this step and start the second one right away.

2. Saturate the urine spot with vinegar

Don’t pour the bottle of vinegar directly over the spot but instead transfer the liquid into a small dish. Take a small fabric towel and immerse it in the vinegar and sprinkle with it over the place.

Alternatively, put the vinegar in a spray bottle.

This allows you to pour just a considerate amount. Let the liquid settle in for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Over pouring the vinegar means the liquid spreading to other areas which don’t help and only intensifies the issue.

Even though some people suggest mixing the vinegar with water, vinegar has been proven to work efficiently on its own.

3. Reapply the vinegar

This step should be done if the first application didn’t lift up all the stains.

When dabbing the moisture, use white-colored towels to enable you to see the stain as it lifts up.

4. Soak up the vinegar

Use other paper towels or towel rugs, not the ones you had used to absorb the vinegar moisture.

You can simply do so by pressing a few layers of the towels until there is no more moisture remaining.

5. Remove the odor        

While white vinegar works best, you might need a special odor remover to completely get rid of the pee stink.

Baking soda is the best natural odor remover you can use.

Although you may find some other sprays and liquids in the stores that remove the odors, check the ingredients carefully. Some of them contain toxic elements that may pose danger to both you and the pet.

Sprinkle the baking soda sparingly over the affected spot and work with your fingers. This ensures that no part is left untouched and also to get rid of the vinegar smell.

6. Air the mattress

If the mattress is portable, take it out and air it for about 2 hours so that it dries out completely. Like wisely, let the baking soda stay on the mattress overnight for added effect.

7. Vacuum off the baking soda

After the mattress has fully dried up, and there’s no dog pee smell coming out, it’s now time to remove the baking powder.

But should you find out that there’s still some smell, just repeat steps 2 to 6 above and this time around, you won’t be disappointed.

A vacuum with an attachment piece to collect all the powder is the best as it simplifies your work.

There you have it! Your mattress is now free of dog pee.

How to prevent future occurrences

It’s always better and easier to prevent what triggered your dog to pee on the mattress than to clean out the dog urine.

Get a waterproof mattress cover

A mattress pad helps a lot when you are that person who always tags your pet to your bed or pet bed no matter what. If the dog happens to urinate unintentionally, you only need to remove the cover for cleaning.

In the same vein, if your dog sleeps on a mattress, just cover it up with a mattress pad.

Minimize the dog’s stress levels

A dog can get stressed up due to many exercises, changes in diet or general sickness. These stress stimulators may prompt your furry friend to relieve itself anywhere it is.

Get a dog Litter box

This can be obtained from the local and online stores or you can customize your own at home. Only make sure the litter box is low enough so your pet doesn’t struggle using it. Above all, training is mandatory.

Get the dog out of the bedroom

To some people, this may seem heartless, but if you find it difficult to stop the dog from urinating on the mattress, you just have to. Moreover, the frequent cleaning after such instances can be tiring.


A dog’s pee on the mattress should be removed as soon as it happens. If the stain is left unattended and sets in, it will be quite problematic to completely eradicate it. What’s more, as aforementioned, that smell makes your dog want to use that same spot as its potty.

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