How to Fold a Dog Crate Easily: A Step-By-Step Guide

There are numerous inventions when it comes to pets but you have to agree that a dog crate is one of the best.

Aside from being easy to carry, it also keeps your pooch comfortable. How? Well, it is lightweight and easily collapsible therefore providing a great way to hold your dog that may be otherwise uneasy sitting in a metal cage.

Steps Should Follows To Fold The Crate

Step One

Crates come in different models so the folding process may not be the same. You may want to consult the manufacturer manual for your particular kind of model.

If your crate did not come with instructions or you lost them somehow, you can always try to contact your manufacturer to get another copy.

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Step Two

As you plan to fold your crate, you need to remove everything that is inside. This may include toys, feeding bowls, comfort pads, or blankets.

Step Three

You need to determine the collapsible points of your dog crate and this would be the first real step of folding your dog crate. Most dog crate manufacturers have come up with their own distinct designs owing to the fact that they are extremely light.

Therefore, you can expect your dog crate to have certain points where it can be folded.

Step Four

You will realize that most dog crates come with a fiberglass frame or a metallic one. Along this frame, there are particular points where the bars can collapse.

All you have to do is push on those points and voila! You have a folded dog crate. Ordinarily, you should begin by pushing the sidebars.

However, before doing that, you will have to loosen some sidebars that have a screw mechanism. Your dog is likely to get jumpy at some point and this is what will keep the crate from collapsing.

Step Five

The next step involves pushing in the whole side paneling to the interior. The design of these panels is in such a way that they lie on each other so pushing will not be a problem.

The best part is that you do not have to remove anything from the crate so you do not have to worry about losing anything.

Most dog crates also come equipped with straps that provide secure locking for stability while on the go. You only need to tie the latches and lift the cage using the straps.

By doing so, you are able to keep your pooch comfortable during those long trips.

Things to Keep in Mind

Now that you know how to fold a dog crate, here are some important things to remember.

Get the Correct Size

Always ensure that you get the right sized crate for your pooch. You might be tempted to purchase a small one due to financial constraints, but it would be better to save up and get the right size to avoid making your dog uncomfortable. A little bit of research will get you on the right track.

Cheap is Expensive

Avoid going for cheap dog crates at all costs. This is because the dog crate technology has seen enough corrupt individuals come up with substandard cheap crates.

A good quality crate should be made of strong material that can endure the roughness of nature.

Do not Force Things

Your dog may not like their crate and that is absolutely okay. Do not force it on them. Most dog owners make the mistake of forcing their will on their dog.

There is a high chance that your pooch will reject the crate if they are anxious. Now, you can expect your dog to act up and some crates are not able to withstand the bite force of some large dog breeds.

Use it appropriately

Dog crates are primarily meant for travel and some indoor purposes. It is not appropriate for things like dog shows for instance.

This is because some of the aggressive dogs in such shows could rip your crate apart and harm your precious pooch.

Keep It Indoors

Avoid leaving your dog crate outdoors especially in the sun. This is because dog crate fabric is prone to getting extremely hot particularly in the hot season.

Therefore, it would be best to use it in cool conditions such as your home or inside a car.

A dog crate is perfect for introverted dogs that enjoy sleeping. As a dog owner, you know the character of your dog best.

With a crate, you are able to improve your dog’s comfort rather than restricting it in a hazardous metallic cage.

Be Careful

Folding a dog crate requires you to be extra careful because it can lead to severely injured fingers. When the crate collapses, it does so tightly so you can imagine the result of having your fingers placed at the wrong place.

Keep children away as well as you fold your crate.

Consider Padding

If you decided to keep a pet, it was because you were committed to parenting them. As such, you want to keep them as comfortable as possible among other things.

A padded crate is one of the ways you can keep your pooch comfortable while in transit. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the padding will require cleaning each time your dog makes a mess.

Supervise your Pooch

You want to keep a keen eye on your pet most of the time while they are in the crate. If your pooch needs to relieve themselves and find it hard to get out, they could end up hurting themselves in the process of tearing out of the crate.

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Folding a dog crate is a skill that you need to learn if you like to travel with your dog. The folding process varies with different brands but there are general guidelines that can help you do it correctly.

While a crate is good for your dog, you need to familiarize them with it first. After all, no one likes to be forced into something without warning or preparation.

Keep the crate close to your dog where they will see it all the time so that the can get used to it.

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