Best Beagle Dog Food 2020 – Popular 12 Choices

Although Beagles are strong and independent dogs, they still require proper nutrition for their general well-being.

If you have not been keen about that, it is time to get the best Beagle dog food. Of course, this food has to be:

  • Nutritious
  • Safe

The Best Best Beagle Dog Food – Reviews

1. Natural Balance Grain-Free Dry Dog Food 

Are you looking for grain-free food that will be gentle even to small dogs' tummies? This Natural balance L.I.D food is believed to offer that satisfaction for your dog.

The food has been made using the necessary ingredients that any dog can enjoy having in their meal, and that is why it might be good for your Beagle.

Product Description

The food is made using a novel protein source that is known for reducing the chances of allergic reactions.

Putting that aside, the venison is also added to give the food a unique taste and also be a lean protein.

Additionally, this food is vital in contributing to your dog’s shiny coat and also have good digestive health.

Other ingredients such as brewer's yeast are incorporated in the meal to give it an extra punch and also ensure it is nutritious and healthy for your dog.

The meal has a downside, though, in that many dogs might be irritated by the odor believed to be coming with the food. This might discourage some dogs from eating it.

Key Features

One highlight of the meal is that it is grain-free, and any chances of your dog having allergic reactions are very minimal.

In addition, the meal is only comprised of very minimal ingredients. This helps in making the food effective and avoiding any additives that might harm your dog.

The meat that is used here is novelty, and it contributes to the protein content of the meal.


  • Good for sensitive stomachs
  • Rich in proteins
  • Contains recognizable ingredients


  • Odor might off-put dogs

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult Dry Dog Food

This life protection dry dog food has been made to give your dog the highest protein content that can come with a dog meal.

It has combined different protein ingredients, which are supplemented by minerals and vitamins, to make the meal a balanced diet.

Product Description

The meal contains real chicken, lamb, and beef meat as the main ingredient. Any dog meal ought to have proteins in plenty, and this meal surely does not disappoint.

Besides, the food has been made3 dry. Wet foods are known for containing moisture and are highly palatable.

Also, wet food is known to have low carbs percentage, which is quite the opposite here with Blue Buffalo life protection meal.

It has around 30-40% of carbs that are also supplemented with other vitamins and minerals to make the meal a balanced diet.

However, the price might discourage many people from opting for the meal because they have to dig deep into their pockets to afford it regularly. People who know its importance would not mind having it despite the downside, though.

Key Features

The protein content from the chicken, beef, and lamb meat might be essential for your dog's good health and growth. The protein percentage stands at around 24 percent, which makes the food ideal for any dog.

Additionally, there is about 14 percent of fats essential for your dog’s good coat and moist skin. There is also 4 percent of crude fiber that is constituted in the meal.

All those ingredients make the food a balanced diet for your dogs.

To understand more of what we are talking about, here are the pros and cons;


  • Real meat ingredient
  • No meal by-product
  • A good antioxidant


  • A bit pricey

3. Diamond Naturals Premium Dog Dry Food with Real Pasture lamb protein

This premium dry dog food from Diamond Naturals is ideal for those dogs that have a digestion problem.

It has been made using lamb meat, which is supplemented with some vitamins and minerals to give your beagle dog a balanced diet.

Product Description

The main ingredient here is lamb meat that provides more than 25 percent of the protein content in the meal.

Additionally, the meal is packed with vegetables that include papaya, oranges, kale, and other nutritious fruits.

This is because it’s tough for dogs to have vitamins from raw vegetables, and to make them consume them, they are mixed with the other ingredients in this meal.

Furthermore, the meal is also supplemented with other antioxidant-rich ingredients to ensure a balanced diet and good nutrition.

However, the meal uses chicken fat as one of its ingredients, which makes it very unacceptable for some dogs who are allergic to poultry.

Key Features

The meal has been made with three different probiotics. The probiotics are essential, especially for beagle dogs that have digestive dysfunctions to improve their digestion.

The food is also rich in fatty acids that ensure a smooth and healthy coat for beagle dogs. The coat is believed to stay moist and always looking alive.


  • Balanced diet
  • Includes Vegetables and minerals
  • No grains


  • Chicken fat might cause allergic reactions

4. Taste of the Wild High Protein Premium Dry Dog food

This high Prairie dog meal by Taste of the Wild is highly preferred and liked by many people, especially those who want grain-free food.

Besides, as indicated on the label as “having roasted bison and venison,” it has a protein content that combines several animal types of meat.

Product Description

The main protein content is from buffalo, chicken, and lamb, which makes a minimum of 32 percent of the meal.

Also, the food is made dry to avoid much moisture, which makes the food palatable. The moisture content in the food can reach a maximum of only 10 percent.

The meal is also made using vegetable ingredients that supplement the protein content making it more nutritious.

Some of the main vegetables used here are peas that also act as a source of plant proteins. Sweet potatoes are also included as a source of carbs in the meal.

Key Features

The meal is made with 18 percent fats and only 4 percent of fiber. This means that your dog's skin will look smooth from the fats that are used for nourishment.

Also, the meal is full of antioxidants that ensure good health and also good digestion for your beagle dog.

However, the chicken meat might not be as friendly to some dogs that are allergic to poultry meat. This makes one downside of the meal.


  • No grains
  • Rich in proteins
  • Rich in antioxidants


  • Might be allergic to some dogs

5. Crave Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food With Protein 

Crave grain-free dry dog food is believed to be delicious and nutritious food, which is aimed at appealing to your dog's inner carnivore.

With proper protein content from different animals, the meal provides the nutrition that dog owners might want and the taste that your dog might fall in love with.

Product Description

The food is made from real salmon, which is the main ingredient. Also, to add on that, chicken meal and lamb meal are included even to make the food more nutritious.

Additionally, the meal incorporates sunflower oil to promote a healthy and shiny coat and also to provide additional calories.

Natural flowers are also used to alter the taste and make the food likable by many dogs.

Furthermore, there is a bulk of other vitamins and minerals that also make up the ingredients. They are used to ensure a balanced diet meal.

On the downside, the meal does not include antioxidants and probiotics that might be essential in digestion for your beagle dog.

Key Features

The main ingredients include salmon, chicken meal, and lamb meal to offer more than 20 percent of protein content.

Additionally, the meal is free from any grains, and therefore you should not worry in case your dog is allergic to grains.

Not forgetting, the meal has been made using natural flowers that make it very sweet, and this might make your dog like it very much.


  • Affordable
  • Nutritious and sweet
  • Not allergic


  • No probiotics or antioxidants

6. Purina Pro Plan SPORT Formula Dry Dog Food

Improve your dog’s athleticism with the Purina Pro plan. This is because when it comes to endurance, this dog food is believed to have the capability of making dogs have it.

Besides, it is evident that a dog's energy comes from fats and not carbs, unlike humans.

This meal provides food with high protein and fat content that increases any active dog’s metabolism and also endurance.

Product Description

The meal has chicken as its number one ingredient, which is vital in constituting the 30 percent protein content in the meal.

Also, there is a 20 percent of fats that ensures your beagle dog always maintains healthy skin and coat is always moisturized.

However, the chicken ingredient might just be the cause of allergic reactions to some dogs. Therefore, many people might not go for the food.

Key Features

The food is believed to have amino acids that are vital in nourishing your dog’s muscles, especially when you have regular exercise.

The fat content in the meal is also key to ensuring your pooch has effective metabolism, and stomach problems might be a thing of the past.

Furthermore, there are no grains in the meal, which might make it likable by many dogs.


  • No grains
  • High protein content
  • Good digestion


  • Might be allergic to some dogs

7. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Recipe High Protein Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This dog food has been made for small breed dogs, and beagle dogs fit very well in that category.

Besides, they are made with increased protein and carbs content to meet the higher energy needs for your dog.

Product Description

The high protein dry dog food by Blue Buffalo is made with a view that dogs have the same eating habit with wolves.

For that reason, the inclusion of meat is a must because dogs require it for their energy. The only proper protein content for dogs comes from meat, according to Blue Buffalo.

For that reason, the food is made with real beef as the primary protein content. In this one, chicken meat is not present, which comes as a relief for many dogs with allergies due to poultry meat.

Additionally, Blue Buffalo argues that the beef meat will satisfy any dog's wild side and, at the same time helping your young dogs build lean muscles.

Furthermore, you should not worry in case your dog doesn’t like any food containing grains because this food is grain-free.

On the flip side, though, the food is claimed to be upsetting some dog's tummies. This might be a problem since people with dogs that have sensitive stomachs might opt for a different line of foods.

Key Features

This dog food contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are selected with the help of veterinarians. These ingredients support your dog's immune system.

In addition, beef meat provides the necessary protein content that your dog might require for good development.


  • Good for energy supply
  • Incredible taste
  • Good protein content


  • May have stomach upsets

8. ORIJEN High-Protein Grain-Free Premium Quality Dry Dog Food

Are you looking for natural dog food with no preservatives and grain-free for your beagle dog, this dog meal by Orijen might be just the answer.

The meal has been made in a way believed to keep your dog happy due to its delicious nature.

Product Description

This dog food is known for its capability to nourish your dog's body, just like nature intended, plus the ingredients used here are very natural.

Besides, the main protein content comes from poultry meat that takes up to 85 percent of the whole meal.

Poultry meat is known to be very rich in protein content, and that is why the protein content of this meal stands at 38 percent.

Also, poultry meat is famous for carrying more water, and on being heated, the water is removed, and the meat reduces with a notable fraction.

For nourishment, the meal contains numerous ingredients, with 18 percent of crude fat.

Key Features

The meal contains probiotics that help immensely in digestion for your beagle dog. Any time your dog has a stomach problem, you can be sure the food can solve it.

Additionally, the food has been made grain-free to reduce the likeliness of an allergic reaction for many dogs.

It is also made dry to ensure that it does not have moisture. Moisture in dog food does not auger so well with many dogs because it makes the food not to be palatable.


  • Mimics natural diet of dogs
  • Very rich in proteins
  • Balanced diet with vegetables and minerals


  • Poultry meat allergic to many dogs

9. Nutro Core Dry Dog Wholesome Dog Food

This Nutro dog food is believed to offer natural dog food, which is comprised of the healthiest ingredients available.

The methods of making this food can be complicated but are of high quality that is designed to meet the different needs of your dog.

Product Description

Nutro dog food only incorporate lamb as their sole protein source which is very important in the muscle development for your dog,

The lamb also has calcium and vitamins that are used to strengthen the teeth and bones of your dog.

Besides, Nutro has also added wheat-free rice that is a source of carbs in this dog meal. Carbs are believed to be important in providing the required energy to keep your dog going.

However, some people may complain about the meal making their dogs vomit or even diarrhea and constipate. This might be a downside of the meal in the long run.

Key Features

The food is characterized by proteins, vitamins, and minerals that make it a perfectly balanced diet.

Additionally, it contains antioxidants that are essential in giving your dog an excellent immune system. One of the antioxidants is vitamin E.

The meal also contains no trace of grains, preservatives, or additives. This ensures that the risks of your dog having an allergic reaction are very low.


  • Good immune system
  • No artificial fillers
  • Natural recipes
  • Gives your dog a smooth coat


  • Some dogs constipate, vomit and diarrhea

10. Victor Super Premium Pet Food Dry Dog Food

This dog food by Victor Super Premium Pet Food is highly balanced and nutritious for your beagle dog and is suitable for all life stages.

It gets its protein content from three different protein sources that make the meal very healthy and ideal for your dog.

Product Description

The high percentage of protein is just remarkable for this food. It constitutes about 30 percent protein content out of the meal.

Furthermore, the food has been made dry because many dogs enjoy having dry meals rather than wet meals. Also, wet meals might not be palatable, which is not even healthy for any dog.

The ingredients in the meal are believed to promote good digestive system and a healthy immune system as well.

A downside of this meal is that some pups might refuse to eat this meal because it has been claimed to be making some dogs’ tummies hurt.

Key Features

The protein content in this meal comes from beef, pork, chicken, and fish, which constitutes 30 percent of the total meal.

Additionally, the amino acids obtained from the food by your dog helps in giving him healthy digestion, a strong immune system, and a smooth coat.

To understand more about the product, the following are the pros and cons;


  • Digestible food
  • No grains
  • Rich in protein


  • Might make some tummies hurt

11. Wellness Natural Pet Food natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This is yet another dry dog food that has been made by a very reputable company.

While making this food, Wellness targeted senior dogs. This is because they are less active, and something had to be done.

Product description

The company is known for making grain-free foods for dogs while ensuring higher protein content to give your dog extra energy.

Besides, they have made this meal using fresh deboned chicken and concentrated chicken meals, which are both known for being natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin.

On the flip side, though, some dogs are allergic to chicken meat, and this might make the meal unfavorable to most of them.

Key features

The main ingredient is chicken meat that ensures the meal has the best taste that is likable by almost all the dogs.

Additionally, blueberries are a source of vitamins A and C and Carotenoids as well, which is a valuable antioxidant.

Flaxseeds are also one of the ingredients that make omega-three fatty acids available in the meal. These fatty acids ensure a very smooth and healthy coat for your beagle dog.

To put this into perspective, here are the pros and cons;


  • No artificial additives
  • Probiotics assist in digestion
  • Supports healthy skin and coat
  • Rich in protein


  • Might be allergic to some dogs

12. Solid Gold Holistic Weight Control Dog Meal

It is believed that wet dog foods are rich in protein content and lower in carbohydrates, which is quite the opposite for dry foods.

This argument is not proven to be true. In our case, we would rather let the quality of the food speak for itself.

This is why our last product on review will be this wet dog food by Solid Gold.

Product Description

This dog food has been made specifically for dogs that need to cut weight. Also, for dogs that do not need to cut on weight, it helps in weight maintenance.

Besides, this meal has been made using holistic natural recipes, meaning that there are no artificial fillers or additives.

Also, the meal has several ingredients, including chicken meat. The chicken meat is supplemented with vegetables like spinach and low-calorie fruits.

Together, they benefit your dog by giving a well-balanced diet that essential in having a good digestive system and a smooth coat as well.

On the flip side, some dogs might be sensitive to chicken meat, and this meal might not be the most ideal for them.

Key features

The main ingredients consist of chicken, chicken liver, and ocean whitefish. This is very beneficial to many dogs as it provides the required proteins.

Besides, the meal has low fats and low calories that help in maintaining the good health of your beagle dog. You should rest assured that your dog can grow to obsess.

The meal is also grain-free, and this makes it very ideal for many dogs who have sensitive stomachs.

To understand more on what we are talking about, here are the pros and cons


  • Holistic natural recipe
  • Low calories and fats
  • Grain-free and digestible
  • Rich in proteins


  • Might not be palatable to most dogs

Buying Guide for Beagle Dog Food

Getting the right nutrition for your pooch is not as easy as it sounds. It takes some serious considerations which include:

Nutrition Content

Your dog requires food that is rich in different nutrients. For instance, they need a high amount of protein which is found in real meat products such as lamb, fish, and beef.

You want to avoid dog food labels that list meat by-products as their primary source of protein as they are usually devoid of the nutrients your pooch requires.

Weight Management

Beagles are generally healthy dogs but they are prone to a number of health issues and tend to easily gain weight.

Of course, the excess weight will put pressure on their joints and bones ultimately leading to issues like arthritis.

You want to ensure that the food you pick for your dog does not cause them to gain weight excessively to avoid such issues.

Food Safety

The food you choose for your dog should be safe for consumption. This means that the food should not cause any allergic reactions or sensitivity.

Most dogs also have an issue digesting certain ingredients in particular so you may want to avoid them. Grains are especially notorious for this so you need to consider going grain-free when selecting food for your Beagle.

Oral Health

A good dog food brand should not just offer nutrition; it should also prevent and reduce the accumulation of plaque on your dog’s teeth.

Kibble works best to clean your Beagle’s teeth but this should not replace brushing their teeth or having their dental health checked by a professional regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beagle Dog Food

We know you have questions you want answered and we are up to it. The following answered questions may be helpful in one way or another.

Should my dog’s diet be grain free?

Most grains such as wheat and corn are known to cause allergies and digestion issues in dogs and that is why most people tend to avoid them in their dog food.

However, the right amount of wholesome grains such as quinoa is rich in fiber and help in digestion.

What is the best dog food for Beagles?

There are numerous dog food brands that contain the nutrition that your pooch requires so picking one in particular can be a hard task.

Nevertheless, you need to look out for things like protein source and content in a dog food brand to determine whether it is good or not.

Best Choice

It’s now time for us to pick the winner. And let’s just say that all the 12 foods reviewed above made it here based on merit.

If we were to choose just one of them as the winner, though, we’d go for the Natural Balance Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. We like the fact that it’s a grain-free formulation which is also friendly to your pooch’s tummy.

Final Thoughts

Your dog needs food to live, but the food has to be nutritious as well. Most dog owners make the mistake of buying dog food that will just fill up their pets without adding any value to their body.

This guide is the best tool to help you pick the right food for your Beagle.

Steven S. Swanson

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